Green Home

Reasons for a Green Home

These days, new homes are available to come with a gamut of accessories. Some of the upgrades are purely aesthetic, some very functional, but the ultimate goal is to add value to the home. A new trend is that home builders are offering environmentally-friendly “green” homes that cost more up front but can add a lot of value to the home and save on heating and cooling bills. Continue reading “Reasons for a Green Home” »

Berlin short term rentals

Using Short-Term Rentals In Berlin

You may already know Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is one of the most eco-friendly cities in Europe. There are quite a number of hotels to choose from if you plan to visit Berlin. The fact with renting a hotel in Berlin is that it is expensive for a longer stay. A cheaper alternative to that is short-term rental service, where you get an apartment or room. Here, Welcome present insider information on things you need to know before you use short-term rentals in Berlin. Continue reading “Using Short-Term Rentals In Berlin” »

Crystal Springs Resort Bansko

Crystal Springs Resort – Bansko

Be the first to own an impressive 4* secure gate development that will cater for resident owners and tourists upon completion. The development is located near the charming town of Bansko, Bulgarias leading ski resort and Europes most up and coming low cost ski resort. Crystal Springs Resort offers spectacular residential complex. Its design along with the beauty and serenity of the surrounding area provide for an extraordinarily indulging and all natural experience. Continue reading “Crystal Springs Resort – Bansko” »

Buying a Second Home

4 Things Luxembourg Landlords Want You to Know About Living in a Rented Apartment

The most challenging part about renting an apartment in Luxembourg is finding one. Truth is the demand for apartments is greater than the current offering and there isn’t much to do about it. As a direct result, rental prices are pretty high, at least compared to the ones in the region. At the same time, one must know that folks there earn some of the highest wages in Europe, so all levels up.

However, once you rent an apartment in Luxembourg, there are some things that landlords expect from their tenants. Generally speaking, Luxembourg is considered a pro-tenant country. Continue reading “4 Things Luxembourg Landlords Want You to Know About Living in a Rented Apartment” »