Green Home

Reasons for a Green Home

These days, new homes are available to come with a gamut of accessories. Some of the upgrades are purely aesthetic, some very functional, but the ultimate goal is to add value to the home. A new trend is that home builders are offering environmentally-friendly “green” homes that cost more up front but can add a lot of value to the home and save on heating and cooling bills. Continue reading “Reasons for a Green Home” »

Bangkok Condos for sale

Investing in Bangkok Condos – Best Choice!

With so many different types of real estate investments for you to make, choosing one may be difficult. Since so many people find Thailand to be a wonderful place to invest in because the cost of real estate is so affordable, this is something that you may want to take into consideration. Here, we will take a closer look at Bangkok condos for sale, which are one type of real estate investment that you may want to consider making. Bangkok condos are something which has grown to be increasingly popular among people who are foreign to the country of Thailand. Continue reading “Investing in Bangkok Condos – Best Choice!” »

Cebu property

Real Estate Investment in the Philippines – Where should you start?

Philippines real estate market is considered to be one of the most affordable in the world. Even in the favorite metro cities like Metro Manila, the average price of the property can be very much lower than the property price in most other metros of the world. Continue reading “Real Estate Investment in the Philippines – Where should you start?” »

bali condo

Buying A Condo In Bali – 8 Things To Consider

It could be an exciting thought to buy a condo in Bali. Having a holiday home of your own in the land of exotic beaches and lip-smacking delicacies is surely an adrenaline-boosting idea. However, buying property in Bali has its challenges. If you are from a foreign country, these challenges are intensified by the fact that you cannot own land or freehold property in Bali. Fortunately, there are practical solutions to these problems.

Find out eight such pointers that you need to consider before you start looking for condos for sale in Bali: Continue reading “Buying A Condo In Bali – 8 Things To Consider” »

Malaysia Property

How much does it cost to buy a property in Malaysia

Malaysian real estate market might be one of the most expensive options in the Asia Pacific region. But it is the returns that the property investors earn and the steady potential for yields in the form of rent and returns that makes this country one of the most attractive choices for investors. In fact the expats moving to this country are buying properties and settling down instead of only looking into the rental options. For all those looking to buy a property here whether it is as a part of the investment portfolio or to move to this country there are plenty of options to view from website. Getting to understand the price of properties and the worth of the properties and the growth predicted would make it easier for the home buyers to take a decision. Continue reading “How much does it cost to buy a property in Malaysia” »