Using a Mortgage Agent or Broker when you have good poor or bad credit

Why a Mortgage Brokerage Service?

You are more likely to get the best deal for a mortgage by using a mortgage broker. This is because banks are very reluctant to take a risk – even if your credit is quite good. And even if they offer you a mortgage – it won’t be at the best rate that you can get. That difference means can mean thousands of dollars in savings (and profit) for you.

A mortgage consultant works with literally dozens of lenders and assists you in preparing your application information to suit what they are looking for.

While real estate prices can change with more variability, rents are usually more stable, even in a down market.

A mortgage consultant can help you get:

– the lowest rates for your mortgage
(as much as 1% lower than the banks offer in some cases)

– the leverage you need to get a mortgage
(even if your credit isn’t perfect, or you even have bad credit) the maximum buying amount

Getting a Mortgage Pre-Approval: Getting a mortgage pre-approval is easy and makes shopping for a house much a great experience. Knowing what you can afford and what your interest rate will be simply empowers you to confidently make an offer of purchase.

Bad Credit or Poor Credit Loans

Having poor credit or bad credit does not mean you cannot get a loan, particularly if you own a home or have another type of collateral. mortgage Brokers have much more flexibiity for lending than banks.

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