Bathroom brand get the core competitiveness of sanitary ware industry

Now, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to their own bathroom brand building. Many sanitary ware suppliers touted its brand more powerful, more influential, the name trademark has many connotations, but Sanitary Ware suppliers are in the deep thinking, what’s the brand? Where’s the core of the brand?

Bathroom brand

Sanitry Brand can be competitive only when grabbing core
The composition of brand core value is complex, containing many factors such as culture, personality, sense of belonging and trust. A good brand have not imitative, sustainability, inclusiveness and a sense of value, and so on, and has the following features :

Promote the sales of the product
In the market, the most important criterion of brand testing(bathtub manufacturers) is the value of the tangible benefits, brand was unable to generate sales and profits for nothing, that can be defined as the failure of the brand.Therefore, the success of a brand to be decided by the market(spa tub for sale), determined by sales, sales is the first measure brand value.

A survey has shown, known and unknown brand launch the same quality of goods, the sales price(offering steam room) average difference of 22, and in sensitive goods, even more than 100 per cent difference between the luxury goods industry, which is different from a different brand sales force. Monalisa china have been chinese biggest bathtub exporting company for about 20 years continusly, and have developed 15 distributors in the world wide until now.

Capacity to withstand market risks
Even in the lowest economic year, monalisa china also made a proud selling record(factory outlet shower room), and always keep to be the biggest hot tub(spa tub for sale) and bathtub exporting company. Monalisa finally developed the new factory occupying more than 35,000 square meters.

Modern white wall mounted hand basin and faucet with mixer below

With large high loyalty customers
A sophisticated brands contain many elements have a solid product quality as a basis for a successful means of dissemination to people familiar with, such as a good social image for their endorsement.But the key part is the brand itself has a unique charm to attract consumers, consumer brands(shop sauna room) can achieve through this comprehensive and unique interests and experiences, which have the rational factors and emotional factors.

Rational level of brand core value is based on the product, tangible benefits for consumers, that is, consumers are willing to exchange for money, time, risk, such as the cost of buying a solution.When consumer transactions from commodities obtained the expected material interests, will produce the brand recognition of rational level, this is a brand form the basis of the material.But that’s not enough to make the consumer’s loyalty, because of this most brands have done, to consumers in the brand high exploration of identity and loyalty to the brand that is the core, or go to brand a wonderful emotional level.