How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Property In Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur is an exciting market for property investors. It is the fastest growing city in Southeast Asia, with property investors moving from various parts of the world, wanting to call this city their home. It is not surprising to find that the property prices are skyrocketing here. The location of the property influences the cost in the real estate market. The brand value of the developer and luxurious facilities influence the price of the property.  An apartment in a high-rise with a sea view may see the price climb up as you climb up the floor. Properties with a rotating restaurant at the top floor, or a grand swimming pool facing the city scrapers, would cost a lot of money.

Kuala Lumpur city sea view property

What is the price to own a sea view property?

 Properties offering a sea view fall under comparatively higher-priced properties as it has something exclusive that you may not be able to find in the other properties doesn’t offer a sea view. a Sea View Property For Sale in Kuala Lumpur comes with different price tags for the following reason:

  • A villa or condo that has a Seaview always comes with higher pricing as they offer luxurious living and style. According to real estate statistics, Seaview properties always fall in higher side of the million RM range, while an entry-level apartment with Seaview only in one bedroom mostly sells under a million.
  • Builders do not restrict the design with just the sea view but also add other modern or customized facilities within and around the property. It adds on to the price with more facilities as there is an increase in value for your investment. Though KL is not a seaside city in entirety, builders make up for it by bringing in all the urban facilities within and around the property. The apartment on the top floors with modern facilities will offer you a panoramic view of city life, hilltops, waterfronts, and sea view at a distance. This design attracts many international investors as KL is still not a world class city and the city is affordable when compared to other cities like Singapore, Sydney etc.
  • As like any other city, the bigger the area of an apartment, the higher the price. You can get an apartment near the Penang beach, almost 350 km from Kuala Lumpur for well under a million RM, while a sprawling five-bedroom sea-front villa in the same area will cost a whopping 15 or 20 million RM.
  • Condominiums are priced differently according to the facilities and are spread along the entire western coast of Kuala Lumpur. The most significant pricing factor is the proximity to shopping or tourist hubs. A three bedroom Condo on the Morib Beach, almost 70km from KL will cost around RM 80,000.

As you may notice, Pricing varies according to your needs and requirements but it is pretty much evident that Malaysia, is an attractive investment market for every budget.