Reasons for a Green Home

These days, new homes are available to come with a gamut of accessories. Some of the upgrades are purely aesthetic, some very functional, but the ultimate goal is to add value to the home. A new trend is that home builders are offering environmentally-friendly “green” homes that cost more up front but can add a lot of value to the home and save on heating and cooling bills.

Green Home

The top reason to build a “green” home is for energy efficiency. With energy costs rising all the time in Bethany this is a great way to cut down the cost of you month-to-month bills. Traditionally constructed homes can lose as much as 15 to 20 percent of its heat or air-conditioning from the duct work alone. Environmentally friendly construction methods can cut down that waste significantly. Some of the savings come from new construction materials like straw-bale construction and insulated concrete forms which are more efficient insulators.

Other ways builders make homes more environmentally friendly is through “green” appliances that conserve energy and water. The energy savings from the construction materials and the appliances generally end up paying for themselves in about two to seven years. If you want to take your home in Sprague to the next step of conservation you could also install solar panels, which are much more expensive and take a lot longer to recoup the value.

Green Home

If you wanted to make your home as “green” as you possibly could it would cost anywhere from 20-30% more than the traditional cost of the home. This, however, would be a very extreme case. Typical “green” home constructions cost on average from two to four percent of the final cost of the home. This amount can be recouped over time and there are even some tax breaks that homeowners can take advantage of that would make the construction even less expensive.

If you are thinking about investing in a green home I would advise to do your research first. Figure out what the cost will be and what the savings will be on a month to month basis and see how long it will take to pay for. On the average, green homes will not be a major selling point on your home but it will help you get the higher end price for your home and it will help sell faster than more traditional homes.